Darryl Weaver


My current expertise is an Openstack Cloud Architect.
I have been working on Openstack since 2011.
I worked at Canonical, the people behind Ubuntu for 3 years.
I publish articles, do training and consulting on Openstack, with my new company Stack Evolution.
I am based in London.
I have been working on Unix system administration for 20 years.


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My Blog
Openstack Website
Planet Openstack
Stack Evolution Web Site


If you have any need of Openstack Training, Consultancy or Support please get in touch via the stack evolution website. You can also probably find me on IRC on freenode in #openstack or #openstack-uk.

CV Requests

If you are looking for a CV, then you should really just look at my LinkedIn profile. I have decided that I will no longer circulate a CV as it would just be a download of my LinkedIn profile, which you can already view with the link above.

If you REQUIRE a CV from me, then you are probably not the job I want, thanks.